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tanalys Solutions Provide the Missing Data

To increase the yield the industry needs to:

  • improve product recovery
  • improve workers' productivity
  • decrease pilferage and wastage.

To monitor OER the industry needs to:

  • better monitor the quality of the fruits cut by harvesters,
  • reduce the travelling time of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) travelling from tree to the mill

To increase workers’ productivity the industry needs to mechanise. Effective mechanising requires same day measurement of the:

  • impact of a new mechanised asset,
  • productivity of a new combination of mechanised assets with workers.

To achieve the above the industry needs data that is currently missing.

Daily Reports Include:

• which palms have not been harvested that day
• which palms have not been fertilised that day
• the time taken for FFB to reach the mill, from the time it is cut to the time it arrives
• daily coverage of each harvester, manurer, in-field vehicle, tractor or lorry
• comparison of mechanisation/HR combinations
• which workers signed in

All this and much more is achieved through the use of tanalys’ solutions, without affecting your existing SOPs.


Tanalys' tree2mill solution improves the quality and quantity of harvested fruits that reach the mill. More FFB reach the mill with a better controlled OER. Example usage for tractor evacuation - platform to mill.

A similar process is used when operating a bin system. The bin Data Logger transmits FFB data and the route taken by the lorry after the weighing bridge.